Professional Home and Mold Inspections

The purchase of a new home is the most important and expensive investment you will probably make in your life. In Louisiana, where the cost of housing has skyrocketed, it is absolutely critical that your home inspector tell you everything and anything about your prospective new home. An independent, thorough, and unbiased property inspection by A Plus Home Inspections can make the difference between… A house you and your family can afford to live in. A happy home where you really enjoy yourselves, rest well, and are empowered in life, or possibly… A home where you have mounting unexpected major repairs that saddle you with worry and drain your bank account as well as your life energy.

Buying a home is a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE! You owe it to yourselves to HIRE THE BEST HOME INSPECTOR YOU CAN FIND! Knowledge is power and it is my mission to empower you in this all important decision.
Modern House - Home Inspections in Gonzales, LA
With a property inspection by A Plus Home Inspections, you will know what to expect from your new home; what items could be major cost concerns, what items are safety or health issues, and what items will require future monitoring, maintenance, repair, or replacement. My home inspection will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed confident decision on the purchase of your new home.
A property inspection is also extremely useful for Sellers of homes, and helps prepare for a trouble free transaction. One of the major causes of distress between Buyers and Sellers is that Sellers often have little idea of what's wrong with their own home when they decide to sell and purchase a new house. They don't take into account that during the pre-purchase property inspection of their house, a home inspector may discover needed repairs that eventually turn out to be thousands of dollars. If many problems are found, the post home inspection discovery phase can be extremely disappointing to the Buyer and Seller alike. If you are a Seller, don't get caught in this unfortunate and stressful situation. Have a professional real estate inspection by A Plus Home Inspections before you decide to sell.
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